The Foyer Foundation supports multi-level solutions that deliver better outcomes for young people.

Foyer Foundation Service Subscription Offerings

The Foyer Foundation provides the following to agencies that operate or intend to operate Foyers in Australia:

  • leading edge thinking on Foyer practice and service design;
  • capacity building support and access to tools that assist in the delivery of good practice;
  • and the management of communities of practice that deliver ongoing quality improvement.

It provides the following to government, corporate and philanthropic agencies that fund the capital and recurrent spending requirements of operating or soon-to-be operating Foyers in Australia:

  • research and policy development;
  • aggregated national data on Foyer performance;
  • nationally consistent processes for quality improvement;
  • support in mobilising funding for the building and operation of new Foyers;
  • support in linking local, regional and national funding initiatives that target better outcomes for service-connected young people.

The Foyer Foundation has a long-term commitment to have 30 accredited Foyers operating in Australia by 2030. Achieving that will see Foyers, where they operate, become a key part of an individual community’s integrated youth pathways. And across the nation, it will see the Foyer Foundation create a vibrant learning network that is supported by clever data collection and an accreditation process that builds capacity and demonstrates outcomes for funders.

See for more information: Service Subscription Offerings 2022 (PDF)