The Foyer Foundation was established in 2008 to support the growth and development of the Australian Foyer Movement, similar to the United Kingdom’s Foyer Federation.

Who we are

The Foyer Foundation manages and works to improve the quality standards of Foyers that operate in Australia. We don’t operate Foyers but we are the learning organisation that manages their accreditation and supports their quality improvement, linking this to a national community of practice which enables Foyers to share learnings and resources, utilise research and data to inform practice, and harness collective expertise to further innovate around the Foyer approach.
The Foyer Foundation sponsors research, works with the Foyer movement globally and advocates to Government at all levels.

The Foyer Foundation is an independent charitable organisation with a diverse Board of experienced individuals who are involved in community organisations that work to resolve youth homelessness and unemployment, the education sector, government and the private sector across Australia.

Partnership with Brotherhood of St Laurence

In 2017 the Foyer Foundation embarked upon an important partnership with national anti-poverty organisation, the Brotherhood of St Laurence. This partnership enabled the Foyer Foundation to expand the Foyer concept to new communities across the nation and tap into the knowledge, service development and research expertise of the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

What we do

For Agencies 

  • Leading edge thinking on Foyer practice and service development;
  • Capacity building support and access to tools that assist in the delivery of good practice; and
  • The management of the community of practice for accredited Foyers to balance fidelity to the Foyer approach whilst also providing the opportunity for innovation based on evidence, collaboration and sharing of practice expertise.

For Government and Donors

  • Research and policy development;
  • Nationally consistent processes for quality improvement, including accreditation and monitoring for individual Foyers;
  • Support in mobilising funding for the building and operation of new Foyers;
  • Support in linking local, regional and national funding initiatives which target better outcomes for service-connected young people.

Matt - Team Leader talks the Foyer Approach