Accreditation and Fidelity Framework

What is Foyer accreditation?

The Foyer Accreditation and Fidelity Framework integrate a set of Foyer Tests, Core Features, and Advantaged Thinking philosophy, into three distinct modules. These modules draw from two decades of Foyer learning from the UK to define a set of offer areas, standards, and indicators, that have been tested and shaped to fit the Australian context. Since Foyer is an approach, not a ‘set model’, the accreditation process is designed to be flexible, exploring how a Foyer is expressed in the context of a service and its community. The framework is the only quality assurance scheme that combines a Foyer ethos and Advantaged Thinking lens to help services develop and benchmark performance.

Why should your service participate

The Foyer Foundation Accreditation and Fidelity Framework provide a quality assurance framework which enables your Foyer to demonstrate it invests in young people’s assets, talents and potential. This framework is both a developmental tool for services to evaluate and strengthen Advantaged Thinking practice and a quality assurance system that can be a powerful resource for demonstrating impact and value to stakeholders.

What’s involved?

Completed over a 12 month period, the accreditation scheme is comprised of three phases.

Phase 1 provides the opportunity to explore your service against the Foyer framework and Advantaged Thinking ethos.

Phase 2 involves a detailed self-assessment and analysis, leading to a development plan with a final submission of evidence including data.

Phase 3 concludes this process with a two-day visit (by an assessor) involving staff, young people, and stakeholders; a final report and panel validation of your accredited status.

How to sign up for accreditation

For more information on the FOR Youth accreditation program, please contact Sinead Gibney-Hughes on ­­­­0438 818 032 or