Foyer Warrnambool provides opportunities for young people aged 16 to 25 years to voluntarily engage in an array of individual and group activities aimed at developing the skills necessary to build independence and stability, covering the areas of:

  1. Education,
  2. Employment,
  3. Housing and Living Skills,
  4. Civic participation,
  5. Social connections, and
  6. Health and wellbeing

Foyer Warrnambool have 16 self-contained units, including 3 two bedroom units specifically for young parents and their children. Young people demonstrating readiness to engage in the Foyer program, apply through Brophy Intake service. Successful applicants are subject to a Rooming House Tenancy Lease through Barwon Child Youth and Families who provide Tenancy management for the Foyer. Each resident engages with a Youth Development worker to collaborate with to formulate goals based on individual talents, dreams and aspirations. Tenancies can be for up to 2 years, but continue to be based on the individual support needs of the residents.

The Foyer is staffed 24/7 and is equipped with CCTV throughout communal areas, it is situated within walking distance to the CBD, supermarkets and some schools.

Shared areas include:

  • Communal kitchen for training, group work and communal meals
  • Communal lounge room for socialising and activities
  • Communal garden with vegetable garden and outdoor area

Team self care and a good old Foyer family dinner 2020/2021

   Foyer family dinner

The dynamic at Foyer Warrnambool is like a family