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The AFG Independence Fund has been established in conjunction with the Foyer Foundation to provide small grants up to $1000 (approved amount will vary) for young people residing in Foyers across Australia as an investment to assist in achieving their independence goals.

More specifically this relates to:

  • Education resources – Laptops/computer equipment, school supplies, stationery needs
  • Appropriate clothing – For employment interviews and onsite safety e.g. formal clothing, goggles, boots and workwear.
  • Micro credentials and course fees – RSA, First Aid training, White Cards, Education fees, course costs
  • Wellbeing management – Activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing and independence among young people e.g cooking classes, gym memberships, and other activities
  • Achievement recognition – Acknowledgement of young people’s efforts when they achieve personal, education based or employment goals.
  • Mobility support – Driving lessons, registration payments.
  • Essentials for independent living – Household items for when they leave their Foyer placement.


STEP 1: Application process 

Applications should be filled out by the young person with the endorsement of a nominated Foyer staff member.  Activities should be aligned with one of the above mentioned categories and full information provided as per the questions on the form.

While applications can be considered at any time formal application deadlines for this round will be Monday May 1st, 2023 Applications must be made by filling in the online form below.


STEP 2: Notification of outcome

Applications will be assessed and participants notified by Monday May 15th, 2023 via e-mail and their youth development coach/worker.

Other information

  • It is the aim of the Foyer Foundation to ensure funds are distributed as evenly across the Foyer network and young people applying as possible.  In the case of large amounts or high numbers of requests from one Foyer a limit may be applied.
  • Part payment – An application will be viewed favourably if the applicants are willing to contribute to their nominated item.
  • Average gift – While payments may be made up to $1000 for exceptional requests, an average gift of approximately $400 or less is more likely to be successful.
  • Grants will only be approved one per young person/applicant. If a young person has received prior AFG funding support then they are not eligible to apply again.
  • Please note that unidentified details of how funds are utilised will be collated and reported to Foyer Foundation supporters
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