Meet Jasmine Lind, manager, Logan Foyer Brisbane

 Logan Youth Foyer Support Service (LYFSS) is located 25  kilometres south of Brisbane’s CBD and is home to single, young people aged 16 to 25. 

The Logan Foyer has been operated by Wesley Mission Queensland since it opened in 2009 and offers accommodation in furnished 16 one-bedroom units and 18 studio units. 

In July 2019 the Foyer underwent a $6 million expansion that included the addition of the one-bedroom units as well as a new communal area including a common kitchen, computer lab, meeting rooms and outdoor eating and BBQ zones that are open around the clock. 

Logan is an area known for its rich multiculturalism and its high mix of social and socio-economic backgrounds and LYFSS is centrally located within it .The Foyer is close to transport, shopping and leisure amenities, as well as government and non-government services and many educational institutions. 

LYFSS is managed by Jasmine Lind (pictured above, far right), who says that as Logan has grown, so too has the Foyer in assisting local young people from the area and beyond to be safely housed and supported to reach their long term life goals. 

Foyer careers advisor Daneka Easthope with Foyer manager Jasmine Lind (right)

The Foyer’s young residents were closely involved in the planning of the renovation. Their participation in such a project was standard operating procedure because of LYFSS’ emphasis on participation and leadership development. 

The residents are directly involved in LYFSS operations in providing feedback of their ‘lived experience’ in the Foyer.

“We are most proud of the participation and achievements of the young people,” says Jasmine.  

“The service works in partnership with the young people who live at LYFSS by having a Leadership Team since we opened in 2009.” 

The residents are directly involved in LYFSS operations in providing feedback of their ‘lived experience’ in the Foyer. This includes their involvement in how the Foyer runs and in providing ideas for programs, camps, workshops, outings and events. These include frequent celebrations of their cohort’s high school and university graduations, citizenship milestones or the landing of new jobs.  

 “They participate in the Foyer conferences and community, plan and run our Annual Celebration and welcome and orientate new young people when they move into the service.” 

More than 200 young people have lived at the Foyer over the past decade which in August 2019 LYFSS celebrated its 10-year anniversary (pictured above).

“The young people shared their journeys and reflections which moved everyone at the event,” says Jasmine.

“Watching their confidence grow and the ripple effect from this has been enormous. Being able to house more young people is the best privilege we can think of, and being able to do it in a high quality facility is even better.” 
Among the services, programs and activities at LYFSS are weekly Oz Harvest free food deliveries which help supplement their groceries as many residents are on low incomes. 

“Young people often come in not knowing a lot about how adult systems work and have often faced a lot of barriers to making progress due to the complexity of these systems.  

“It’s very exciting to see a young person go from a negative mentality to being in control of their lives, finishing education, gaining employment, getting drivers’ licences, buying vehicles and finally moving out into the world.” 

Jasmine has seen LYFSS residents move on from the Foyer to start their own businesses, buy their first home, or, in the case of former refugee residents, save for trips home to visit family. 

LYFSS currently has six full-time staff who include three youth development workers and a careers advisor. 

Logan Foyer is set for more expansion with its transition to 24/7 hours service operation when it will employ additional weekend and night youth workers.