Get Involved

Rewarding opportunities exist to partner with a Foyer in your area, and/or undertake paid employment or volunteer work at a Foyer.

Employment opportunities

Foyers are committed to equal opportunity in employment and do not discriminate against applicants or employees on any grounds that are not relevant in determining the best applicant for the position.

Links to employment opportunities at Australian Foyers will be posted to this site as they arise.

Partner with a local Foyer

Opportunities exist for partnering with a Youth Foyer in your state or region. For further information and to discuss the range of partnership options, contact the Foyer Foundation.

Partnerships are central to the success of young people achieving their goals, by providing the mainstream opportunities for education and employment, as well as supporting the health and wellbeing of the students.

Foyers form partnerships with service, education and training providers in the wider community, across areas including but not limited to:

  • Learning (e.g. public schools, TAFE, private colleges and universities);
  • Employment (e.g. apprenticeships, cadetships, work experience);
  • Health (e.g. medical practitioners, mental health, child health and drug and alcohol services); and
  • Family (e.g. child care, child health).