Information for Foyers

Foyer Accreditation and Fidelity Framework

The Foyer Accreditation and Fidelity Framework is a quality assurance framework that demonstrates your Foyer invests in young people’s assets, talents and potential. This framework is both a developmental tool for services to evaluate and strengthen Advantaged Thinking practice and a quality assurance system that can be a powerful resource for demonstrating impact and value to stakeholders.

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Service subscriptions

The Foyer Foundation offers a range of service subscription offerings to support organisations who operate foyers, those who are looking to establish a foyer in their local area, or for a range of stakeholders that wish to stay abreast of developments in the Australian Foyer movement.

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In Australia, there are approximately 15 Foyers or Foyer-like services across all states and territories except the Northern Territory. These Foyers support between 10 to 98 young people using varying accommodation models, including congregate facilities, dispersed housing, and networked or mixed accommodation options.

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